Turn Out To Be Saved Through Body’s Prayer

In last weekend, I felt very upset after I preached the gospel because my companion and I walked around on the road for almost two hours, but there were only two persons willing to stop and listen to us. We tried our best to contact people, but the results were out of our expectancy. We just couldn’t believe that the effect was unwill. In addition, I haven’t brought people to get baptized, so I felt very stressful. After I went back to my room, I turned into my spirit and I just recalled the verse in Phillipians 1:19, ”For I know that for me this will turn out to salvation through your petition and the bountiful supply of the Spirit of Jesus Christ.” It reminded me that I needed to exercise my spirit and either the prayer from my companion which was the prayer from Christ’s body. It would turn out to save me from my situation.

《Trainee in the fourth term, Angel Chen 》