Prayer time keep me to light the lamp to serve Lord

I am brother Benson the four-term trainee. I was alarmed by brother’s fellowship last week. The brother said that some graduated trainees they lost their prayer time after their training. So I was a little worried about my third year if I will lose my prayer time. But when I read the Bible, God revealed me a picture in Exodus chapter 27, in which God reveals Moses to light the lamp. And after the revelation of lighting the lamp, in Exodus chapter 28 we saw a God-man serve a priestly service. The ‘God-man’ is a qualification of a priest to serve the tent of meeting. When God reveals it to me, God says to me that I should put on my garment, my priest garment in order to serve. So I pray to the Lord “I should keep my prayer time, no matter what environment is, I should keep my prayer time. I should put on my garment to serve You.” O Lord Jesus, I just want to light the lamp and burn the incenses in the meeting, I should put on my garment every time , every morning, every day. I should have the clothes, I should be qualified to serve You. Lord Jesus, I consecrate myself, my whole life to have a life of God-man living.

《第四期 李秉謙弟兄》