We Should be God’s Army and Defeat the Enemy in This Dark Age

In the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament, the two generations of Israelites typify our church life. We, as the first generation, must pour out all that we experienced, enjoyed, and suffered to the second generation for their spiritual benefit.

I am serving the teenagers. Last week, I attended their Lord’s table meeting. To my surprise, the number of the teenage brothers was very few. When it was the time to break the bread, only one teenage brother was in the meeting. Deeply concerned about this situation, I prayed to God to send brothers to the meeting to supply His need. The Lord showed me that before this time I have never prayed for the urgent need of our meeting!

God enlightened me that while the meeting attendance is declining, I should pray to the Lord to multiply and perfect His people, especially the young ones. I should not just sit and wait for the saints to come. If we do not fight with God, there will be fewer and fewer young people in our church life. If we do not fight, how can the teenagers who absolutely love our dearest Lord multiply?

We should never sit and watch this thing happen. We must put all our efforts to pour out all we have to the second generation, giving them a rich inheritance and a strong background to be formed into God’s army and defeat the enemy in this dark age.

《第三期 楊子儀姊妹》