Open up to Him and to Receive His Dispensing

I want to share how the Trinity is involved with the separation of the Nazarite.In Numbers 6:13 it says,“…He shall be brought to the entrance of the Tent of Meeting”.The Tent of Meeting refers to Christ as the dwelling place of God and the meeting place of His people.So only in Christ can we have the ground and sphere to enjoy the Divine Trinity.This reminds me that the vow of a Nazarite is not to volunteer ourselves to do something for God,but this vow is to put ourselves into His heart to fulfill His desire.And today,His desire is to dispense Himself into us.No matter what kind of situation we are in,no matter we are strong or weak,His dispensing is always there for us!No matter we remain or journey,He is always there for us.All we need to do is to open up to Him and to receive His dispensing!

《第二期 連立芹姊妹》