Turn away from Temptations by Going to Our Unique Husband

I’m a third-term trainee, Elijah.
I want to share with you a portion I enjoyed in Genesis. In Genesis chapter 3 there was a record of the first fall of man. The outward cause of this fall was the serpent’s temptation, and the inward cause was the woman’s assuming the headship. Eve was ensnared by the serpent because she forgot her husband. She did not stand in the position of a wife. The safest way for her would have been not to talk to the evil one, but to turn to her husband and hide behind him.
Today we have the unique husband. Praise the Lord. Christ is our husband. Sometimes in the morning, when I start to have morning revival, some negative thoughts and worries just come up into my mind. I am tempted to think of them. And if I do so, my morning is definitely ruined. Now I learn the secret! Just tell Satan that I’m going to my husband right now. If you want to come with me, then come. Leave your evil suggestions aside, I’m going to enjoy the intimate fellowship with my husband. Hallelujah, the evil one has been subdued, and I can enjoy an uninterrupted sweet fellowship with the Lord every morning.

《第三期 吳利亞弟兄》