We Can Coordinate with Others on Behalf of Christ

I would like to share the enlightenment I received from the Lord while pray-reading the verses on the morning revival message last week. 2Cor. 5:20 says “On behalf of Christ then we are ambassadors, as God entreats you through us; we beseech you on behalf of Christ…” I’m touched by the words “On behalf of Christ” and “ambassadors”. Our God is almighty and He is able to do all things by Himself, however; He still desires to do all things and accomplish His will in a coordinated way. As ambassadors, we were predestinated to fulfill the Ministry. Nevertheless, I used to do everything in a dominating way. In my nature, there’s no desire to coordinate with others. If I’m able to do something, I prefer to do it all by myself. I realized that there is a lack in my being to coordinate with others. However, Genesis 1:26 says“And God said, Let Us make man in Our image, …and let them have dominion…. over all the earth…”In this verse, we see a corporate dominion, that is, we need to coordinate with others. It is not an issue of whether I can do things by myself or not. I need to consecrate myself to be willing to coordinate with others. May the Lord gain us as the corporate dominion on the earth.

《第三期 劉家福弟兄》